Who We Are

a long established fact..

Education House Limited is a professional education services firm that applies consulting, information and technology in innovative and productive ways to enable clients to improve their overall performance extend their enterprise ahead of the competition and better serve their customers.

Our end-to-end services portfolio covers these areas; ICT, EduAccezz Card Solutions, Integrated Security Management System such as Access Control System, Biometric System, Surveillance System (CCTV) and Time Attendance System plus its downstream solutions such as E-Solutions, Client – Server/Web Based Application Development, EduAccess Building Solutions and Smart Minds Contest. Each of these areas has tremendous growth potential, and each contain a wide assortment of related services offering.
Education House is highly innovative in using technology to solve business problems and help clients in such areas as improving productivity, enhancing the quality of their services and even getting to market ahead of the competition. We are constantly looking for solutions for our clients, and us, to be more competitive.

FOREIGN Universities

Message from the Founder

I am pleased to welcome you to Education House Limited; EH offers you an opportunity for a life time to realize your career needs and ambitions. Choosing a career is not an easy decision for most students. At Education House we assist you get an education that prepares you for today and the future; providing local and international education guidance and counseling for crèche, nursery, primary, secondary, undergraduate and graduate studies home or abroad.
Education House is committed to providing quality education advisory that meets the needs of students and assisting them clarifying and pursuing their professional and educational goals. We are a forward looking firm and work hard to meet the career needs and ambitions of local and international students.

People from various races choose Education House when they decide to study home or abroad. It’s not easy to start planning your studies home or abroad, you can be sure of a warm welcome.
To me this is just a beginning; do not dash your hope elsewhere. I am sure that coming on board with us will prove to be rewarding in so many ways than a simply Education.

Do not rack your head when Education House can help you in seconds. I look forward to welcoming you, as you have chosen to study through Education House.
Best Wishes


Dick Amos,

Founder & Principal Consultant

Our Pledge

We are dedicated to serve and link local and international students into leading institutions, universities, colleges and schools home and abroad with particular preference to the needs of the youths in the African continent.

Our emphasis has always been an honest commitment of creating opportunities for a better future to youths in Africa ensuring through high quality teaching and learning that youths can gain qualifications, broad knowledge, skills and experience to allow them to participate in a competitive global economy.

Our Mission Statement

Discovering potential without limit…
The mission of Education House is to provide educational opportunities that emphasize skills and knowledge that will allow students to adjust through a lifetime of social and technological change.

We recognize that education is vital in developing skills needed for a productive society and essential in promoting the individual’s sense of worth, values and ethical standards.

Why Education House Ltd.

  • Quality education
  • World class reputation
  • Excellence in leadership
  • International Accreditation
  • Unique consulting solutions
  • Dedicated customers services
  • Ghana endorsed education provider
  • Center for skills development and academic advancement
  • Catalyst for dynamic business growth and entrepreneurship development